About Lore

TheCodesmith lore is a creative experiment to test if the creation of fictional characters and settings can be used to enhance the experience of visiting and learning from the website's resources.

The main character is a dwarf (because who wants to read about humans) named Devgnar Lorem (pronounced /devnär/). Devgnar is skilled in the art of codesmithing, which is what software development would be if the mental aspect was instead physical and a touch of magic was added to the whole process.

In Devgnar's universe there are no computers to program. Instead code, the raw material for codesmithing, is a physical resource, similar to metal, which must be mined from the earth. Once smelted, and made into bars, the code is ready to be shaped into runes which for reasons only fully understood by the codesmiths are able to have physical effects on the world around them.

The Tales of Devgnar

Here you will find stories of the brave dwarf, Devgnar Lorem, artisan codesmith, and wielder of the legendary hammer Keyolnir. It is said that Keyolnir is the strongest of all hammers, and its mystic runes glow orange when bugs are nearby.

Revered in his home city of Codeforge, and well known in the surrounding lands it is often forgotten that Devgnar wasn't always the experienced, and respected craftsman he has grown to be. Long ago, and years before the claiming of Keyolnir, Devgnar labored to learn the smithing craft.

Lore In Progress, check back for future updates